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Collamatrix Ag

Collamatrix Ag

Silver Gel / Ag Gel / Antimicrobial dressing /collagen gel dressing :

Collamatrix Ag, an antimicrobial silver collagen gel dressing is composed of TYPE I Collagen Gel with Nano Crystalline Silver 0.002 % W/W. It is non-greasy, water soluble, non-oily, clear odourless gel. It is mainly used to treat infected wounds.

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How does Collamatrix Ag close wounds faster?

• Type I Collagen encourages wound healing through the  deposition of Collagen fibers and granulation tissues in the wound bed.
• Nanocrystalline Silver is a wide-spectrum antimicrobial that provides highly effective topical treatment in primary and secondary bacterial infections of the skin.
• Promotes autolytic debridement
• Rehydrates dry wounds and eschar
• Maintaining a moist healing environment
• Soothes and reduces pain
• The clear gel allows wound visibility

When to use Collamatrix Ag?

• First and Second Degree
• Burns
• Bed Sores
• Pressure Ulcers (Stages I to IV)
• Venous stasis ulcers
• Diabetic Wounds
• Surgical Wounds
• Traumatic wounds

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