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Fix Plug

Fix Plug

Dental plug / sterile resorbable collagen sponge dressing:

Resorbable collagen wound dressing products are soft, white, pliable, non-friable, absorbent sponges made from highly purified Type I collagen. These dressings are intended for use on moist or bleeding wounds where a stabilized blood clot can help protect the surface of the wound from further injury. Collagen wound dressing products are typically reabsorbed by the body within 2 to 4 weeks after placement.

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  • Dressings retain their structural integrity even when wet
  • Very porous. The dressings are highly absorbent, holding many times their own weight of saline solution
  • Controls bleeding usually within two to five minutes
  • Easily removed without damaging the wound bed, they can be used as temporary dressings prior to surgical closure
  • In situations where frequent aspiration is required to remove accumulated blood and exudate, the Absorbable Collagen Wound Dressings can be used to dress bleeding or oozing wounds and thereby improve patient comfort
  • Designed to be totally absorbable when left in situ after hemostasis


For application to moist or bleeding clean oral wounds created during dental surgery, to control bleeding and to protect the surface of the wound from further injury


  • Extraction sites
  • Biopsy sites
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