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Fix Gide Gtr Membrane

Fix Gide Gtr Membrane

Sterile resorbable Collagen membrane / GTR membrane :

Resorbable collagen membrane has a unique bilayer structure that offers superior tissue compatibility and prevents the ingrowth of soft tissue into the augmented site.  The membrane triggers the biological events for faster regeneration and gradually degrades itself. Collagen membrane is effective for dental bone graft applications.

Due to its porous and fibered microstructure, the membrane readily absorbs fluids, adheres to the surrounding tissues, and provides a barrier that guides bone and tissue regeneration.

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  • Excellent tissue integration and barrier function for optimal bone regeneration
  • Structural integrity for easy handling and suturing
  • Native collagen architecture results in fewer dehiscences
  • Complete resorbable, avoids possible second surgery for removing implanted membranes.
  • Conformable and repositionable for precise adjustment and placement
  • Terminally sterilized and ready for use following brief hydration


Designed & architected to have both smooth and rough layer. The smooth layer oriented towards the soft tissue serves as a scaffold for attachment of fibroblast and support the gingival tissue healing. The rough layer oriented towards the bone, function as a supportive matrix for osteoblast regeneration. The barrier function prevents the ingrowth of soft-tissue into the newly forming bone beneath


FIX GUIDE GTR offer excellent structural integrity and are apt for suturing (without tearing)


Designed to optimally degraded and fulfil the barrier function for guiding bone regeneration and excellent tissue integration


FIX GIDE GTR is a resorbable collagen membrane intended for use during the process of guided bone regeneration (GBR) and guided tissue regeneration (GTR) as a biodegradable barrier for:


  • Ridge augmentation for later implant insertions.
  • Simultaneous ridge augmentation and implant insertions.
  • Ridge augmentation around implants inserted in delayed extraction sites.
  • Ridge augmentation around implants inserted in immediate extraction sites.
  • Alveolar ridge preservation consequent to tooth (teeth) extraction(s).
  • Over the window in lateral window sinus elevation procedure.
  • In implants with vertical bone loss due to infection, only in cases where satisfactory debridement and implant surface disinfection can be achieved.
  • In intra bony defects around teeth.
  • For treatment of recession defects, together with coronally positioned flap.
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