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FIX Softi

FIX Softi

Resorbable Collagen Matrix

Fix Softi is made up of a pure type 1 collagen matrix designed specifically for soft-tissue regeneration in the oral cavity. It can act as an alternative to autologous soft tissue grafts.

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  • Promotes excellent soft tissue regeneration and wound healing.
  • Immediate blood clot stabilization and early vascularization.
  • Painless alternative for autologous soft tissue grafting.

Unique Features

  • Easy to handle and formable
  • Easy to trim and manipulate according to defect site
  • Aid better blood clot stability and adheres to the defect site
  • More Porous and Hydrophilic


  • Gaining keratinized tissue
  • Recession coverage Socket Sealing of alveole in late
  • Implant placements
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