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Fix Oss

Fix Oss

Demineralized bone matrix :

FIX OSS is a highly purified natural bone substitute material used to fill bone defects or reconstruct ridge configurations. The porous interconnecting architecture of Fix Oss mimics the natural bone structure and promotes faster bone regeneration and remodeling of new bone.  Fix-Oss propels fast regeneration around implants and sinus grafting. Demineralized Bone Matrix is intended to fill and augment the bony voids and gaps caused by trauma or surgery, including use in the maxillofacial and/or mandibular bone surgery, implantology and periodontology.

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  • Promotes excellent osseointegration and healing of soft tissue
  • Promotes faster bone regeneration and improves bone quality
  • Promotes neovascularization and epithelial regeneration
  • Act as an excellent hemostat to stabilize the clot at the defect site
  • Achieves volume preservation due to its slow resorption property

Unique Features

  • Addition of collagen make it formable and easy to handle
  • Easy to trim and manipulate according to defect site
  • Aid better blood clot stability and adheres to the defect site
  • More Porous and Hydrophilic


  • Ridge preservation
  • Extraction socket management
  • Minor bone augmentation
  • Periodontal regeneration
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