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Fix Oss

Fix Oss

Demineralized bone matrix :

FIX OSS is a highly purified natural bone substitute material used to fill bone defects or reconstruct ridge configurations. The porous interconnecting architecture of Fix Oss mimics the natural bone structure and promotes faster bone regeneration and remodeling of new bone.  Fix-Oss propels fast regeneration around implants and sinus grafting. Demineralized Bone Matrix is intended to fill and augment the bony voids and gaps caused by trauma or surgery, including use in the maxillofacial and/or mandibular bone surgery, implantology and periodontology.

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  • Fix OSS is hydrophilic easy to moisten
  • Inherent effective and predictable bone regeneration
  • Sterilized by gamma radiation and packed in vials
  • Fill the bone voids
  • Totally resorbable
  • Satisfactory handling and placing
  • Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) 10-6

Natural Bone Architecture 

It is used to fill bone cavities and defects and contains porous architecture that promote the ingrowth of endogenous bone for skeletal reconstruction and/or augmentation.

Promotes effective bone regeneration 

The three-dimensional microenvironment, hydrophilic nature and biological interaction at cellular level leads to effective bone regeneration

Biological Interaction

Fix OSS native topographic structure with bioengineered collagen provides ideal environment for cell adhesion and proliferation during bone tissue remodelling, repair and Osseo integration



  • Bone graft substitute to fill bony voids or gaps in skeletal system.
  • Filling of bone defects caused by surgery or traumatic injury
  • Augmentation or reconstructive treatment of the alveolar ridge
  • Filling of infrabony periodontal defects
  • Filling of defects after root resection, apicoectomy, and cystectomy
  • Filling of extraction sockets to enhance preservation of the alveolar ridge
  • Elevation of the maxillary sinus floor
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